The Board of Directors:

Body in charge of the permanent administration of the federation, composed of nine (9) main members for a period of three (3) years and, three (3) alternates elected for a period of one (1) year, who shall set the policies general for the fulfillment of the corporate purpose and ensure the implementation of the plans agreed by the assembly and its members will be elected by the assembly, and will be renewed each year in the manner established by statute. They may be re-elected for an additional consecutive period.

In addition to the above, the Board of Directors is empowered to contract the services of External Auditors, Legal Advisers and any other specialized technical service, according to the needs of each particular case; likewise, she may appoint the committees she deems necessary for the best development of FEDPA activities, and appoint a Manager to set her duties and remuneration, having, under her command and responsibility, all the personnel who work for the Federation.

The FEDPA Board of Directors is made up of the following cooperative members:

PresidentVinicio Marcel Guardia.Coop. A/C Natariegos Unidos, R.L.            Prov. Colón
Vice-presidentUbaldino De ObaldiaCoop. A/C USMANIA, R.L.          Prov. Panamá
SecretaryOmaira BernalCoop. A/C Empleados del IPHE, R.L.               Prov. Veraguas
TreasurerNarciso Galastica R.Coop. S/I Gladys B. De Ducasa, R.L.            Prov. Los Santos
VowelsJosé D. MontenegroCoop. A/C Empleados del MOP, R.LProv. Chiriquí
 Humberto LedezmaCoop. S/M Eric Delvalle, R.L                Prov. Coclé
 David VergaraCoop. S/I José Del Carmen Domínguez                            Prov. Darién
 Daris de RitterCoop. A/C Nueva Unión, R.L.              Prov. Herrera
 Genaro Pérez MolinaCoop. A/C Oro Verde, R.L.Prov. Bocas Del Toro
SubstitutesHugo E. SandoyaCoop. A/C Empls. del IDAAN, R.L.                          Substitutes 1
 María Elena EscobarCoop. A/C Don Bosco, R.L.                         Substitutes 2
 Luis A. Campos U.Coop. A/C Empls. Salud de Coclé, R.L.                         Substitutes 3
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