The Credit Committee:

It is the committee in charge of making decisions on loan applications submitted by cooperatives affiliated to the Federation, taking all necessary precautions to ensure the proper use of the money loaned, in accordance with the established credit policy. This committee is made up of three (3) main members and two (2) alternate members. For the election of the members of this committee, regulations similar to those applicable to the members of the Supervisory Board apply.

The FEDPA Credit Committee is made up of the following cooperative members:

  • Licda. María P. de González, -Coop. A/C Enfermeras y Afines, R.L.
  • Prof. Demetrio Castro, -Coop. A/C Avance, R.L.
  • Licdo David Jimenez H. – Coop. A/C Técnicos de Enfermeria, R.L. 
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