The Supervisory Board:

Supervisory body of the socioeconomic and accounting activity of the cooperative, will ensure strict compliance with the Law and its regulations, the statute and decisions of the assembly. This board will be made up of three (3) main members and two (2) alternate members; In each assembly, the main members will be elected for a period of three (3) years, and the alternates for one (1) year, and will be partially renewed in the manner indicated by the statute.

The FEDPA Surveillance Board is made up of the following cooperative members:

  • Licda. Marcelina E. Reyna Castro (Presidenta) – Coop. Acción Nueva, R.L.
  • Licda.  Yaska M. de Valderrama – Coop. A/C La Solidaridad, R.L.
  • Licda. Melida H. de Nuñez – Coop. A/C Empls. Club Unión, R.L.  
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